If you like Janet Evanovich…

Janet Evanovich has a talent for keeping readers laughing as they turn the page with her Jersey girl bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. If you are a fan who has read all her books or are shopping for one, here are are other novels featuring fun and funny female crime fighters, two of them the first in a series.

sophie hannah bad day for sorry1.Bad Day For Sorry by Sophie Littlefield

This book kicks off the series featuring Stella Hardesty, a woman who, after killing her abusive husband with a screwdriver on her fiftieth birthday, goes into the business of helping women get back at the bad men in their lives. Littlefield captures western Missouri and its people, particularly the women, with perfect pitch and tone. Has the feel of a fun Miranda Lambert song.

lisa lutz spellman files2. The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

Isabel “Izzy” Spellman is a tough private detective working at a San Fransisco agency run by her parents with her siblings as co-workers. When they aren’t working surveillance for a client, they are spying on each other. A wonderful satire on family love and dysfunction that hits you with depth when you least expect it.


joe lansdale sunset and sawdust3. Sunset & Sawdust by Joe R. Lansdale

Starts off with another woman killing her abusive husband. This time it’s in Depression era, East Texas, and the lady, Sunset Jones, takes over her other half’s job as town constable. Lansdale uses place and time perfectly with his sharp dialogue and and colorful style.


Copies of the above listed books can be found on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.


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