If You Like David Baldacci…

If you are shopping for fans of David Baldacci, or if you are a fan yourself, here are three books that should be on your radar, all hailing from the great state of Texas.

mark pryor the blood promise1. The Blood Promise by Mark Pryor

The third book in the Hugo Marston series has the head of security for our Paris embassy, body guarding  an American senator. When he goes missing, Hugo becomes involved with the politics of a current treaty connected to the French Revolution. A great political thriller that doesn’t preach an agenda.


tom abrahams allegiance2. Allegiance by Tom Abrahams

A political aide finds himself on the run after he uncovers a plan for state succession, using big oil and cutting edge science. Like Michael Crichton, Abrahams is skilled at taking a far-fetched premise and making it believable.


george weir capitol offense3. Capitol Offense by George Wier

A good ol’ boy trouble shooter gets a death row confession from an inmate who claims he blew up Vietnamese fishing boats for the current governor. This puts protagonist Bill on the wrong side of the law and in the middle of a political assassination. A fast moving, action packed thriller with a fun voice.


Copies of the above listed books can be found on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.

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