If you like Lee Child…

lee child personal

When it comes to tough guy action, there is no bigger name right now than Lee Child. His Jack Reacher has now saved the day and dealt out retribution in nineteen books. If you’ve finished his latest, Personal, and still need to root for a true, if tarnished, hero, we suggest these reads.

ace atkins the rangerThe Ranger by Ace Atkins

An Afghan war vet, Quinn Colson, returns to his Mississippi home to find it has been taken over by the local kingpin. With the help of his friends, his wits, and more than a few bullets, he fights to take it back. Inspired by the Southern-set action films of the Seventies, this book is rich in character, deep Southern flavor, and action.


more harm than good andrew grantMore Harm Than Good by Andrew Grant
A simple hunt for the person who stole his boots, puts British Naval Intelligence officer David Trevellyan in a dark international conspiracy, where only he can save the day. Fun and well paced with a hero who pulls you in on your terms.



The Mike Hammer Collection: Volumes 1,2, and 3 by Mickey Spillane

A lot of Jack Reacher’s DNA can be traced to Spillane’s hardcase veteran of the Second World War who operates as avenger as much as private eye. These books popularized the idea of a hero who took out the bad guys with there own methods. Tough, brooding, with a hard-as-nails voice, these books are red meat in book form.

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