MysteryPeople Loves This Article from Joe R. Lansdale

 Joe R. Lansdale is one of our favorite authors, in and outside of the mystery section. He is the author of dozens of books and stories, including the wonderful Hap Collins and Leonard Pine mysteries. He recently wrote a piece called The Workplace, Wet or Dry on his early days as a writer for the Mulholland Books website. Not only do you get a look inside his writing past, you also get a look at his approach to the craft.

Also, is you haven’t read Joe’s novel, The Thicket, it just recently came out in paperback. Copies are available on our shelves and via


2 thoughts on “MysteryPeople Loves This Article from Joe R. Lansdale

  1. Thanks for the heads up guys. I followed the link, read the article, and sent a great big comment. I’ll now be locating and reading some of the man’s work. Thanks again, it must be why I follow you.

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