Crime Fiction Friday: BAD MAN’S MONEY by Mike McCrary

crime scene
We’ve already become fans of Mike McCrary with his novel, Remo Went Rogue. Check out the full review of Remo Went Rogue on this blog for more. Beyond the humor and fast-pacing, you’ll quickly learn that whether in the novel or this story from Out of the Gutter, McCrary is able to grab your attention immediately and have you follow a character, even if you don’t necessarily like them, to the very end. A nasty, gritty, though perhaps deserved, end. With McCrary, we are in good hands. Now, enjoy the ride.

“Bad Man’s Money” by Mike McCrary


“Let’s be clear. I am not a bad man.

A desperate man? Sure. A drunk with his fair share of struggles? Absolutely, but not a bad man.

A bad man is cruel. He profits from the weak, takes more than he gives and cares nothing about other people.

I have stolen from such a man…”


Click here to read the full story.

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