It’s an honor to introduce you to new voices to our MysteryPeople blog. One was my mentor in the mystery business and is one of those rare people that has even a darker taste than me. The other was a former customer of mine, who recently became a employee at BookPeople and holds one of the sharpest minds about the genre. I asked them to introduce themselves:

Bobby McCue

I dove into the mystery world in 1980 as a reader and a collector. In 2000, I started working at The Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles and became the manager in 2004. The store was sold  in 2009 and in 2011 the new owners closed the store. A lot of authors passed through the comfy confines in those 10 years.  The nickname “Dark Bobby” was thrust upon me from multiple people for my leanings toward the dark and hard-boiled side of crime fiction.

Staples on my recommendation shelf were:
Dope by Sara Gran
Birdman byMo Hayder
Jolie Blon’s Bounce by James Lee Burke
Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell
Pike by Benjamin Whitmer

My favorite book of 2013 was Others of My Kind by James Sallis

Molly Odintz

My name is Molly, I started working at BookPeople rather recently, and I’m a mystery-holic. In particular, I enjoy everything hard-boiled and noir and am a discerning consumer of procedurals and thrillers. I ascribe to a Hobbesian view of the world, which means I like my mysteries, for the most part, to be nasty, brutal and short. My taste gravitates towards the socially aware and on occasion historical, and I am a sucker for a well-researched period piece. Many of my favorite noir novels won’t be found necessarily in the mystery section, as I deeply enjoy crossovers into Sci-Fi and fantasy. I love reading detective novels, but I also love analyzing them, so if you ever want to get highbrow about the lowbrow, I’m your man. The myriad variations within the detective novel conventions eternally fascinate me.

You can look for me in the store for recommendations and look out for my posts online as well – I am launching two blog series, each monthly, one of which will focus on international crime writing and the other of which will profile the more socially aware books and authors represented on our shelves.

We are excited to have two new contributors to the MysteryPeople blog. June has already been incredible month and there is still more to come. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the MysteryPeople Crime Fiction Fest, and always have your alibi ready!


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