MysteryPeople Review: THE DIRECTIVE by Matthew Quirk

the directive
With his debut, The 500, Matthew Quirk introduced us to Mike Ford, Washington lawyer, political fixer, and former criminal. He has escaped from the corrupt consulting group he worked for, gunmen, a murder rap, and being buried alive. In The Directive, Quirk tosses him out of the frying pan into one hell of a fire.

All is good in the beginning. Mike has a small practices that provides well for him. He is also getting married to his girlfriend Annie. But then, his brother Jack returns. Still a thief, Jack owes money to a group after a score gone bad. When Mike tries to pay them back, he’s told the debt will only be cleared if both brothers work for them on a job they have planned. The crime involves robbing a secret worth over a billion dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Quirk continues to show he has great skill in balancing both plot and character. The mechanics of the heist are done with enough detail to make it believable, and the cat-and-mouse game Mike plays with both sides of the law is involving. The way Quirk presents the heist as interfering with the upcoming wedding also engages the reader and ups the stakes. There is as much suspense surrounding the chance Ford will lose Annie as the chance he’ll lose his life.

The Directive builds on The 500. It goes deeper into character of the ex-con Ford while delivering a solid page-turner which proves why Quirk is one of the best thriller writers working today. Now, we wait anxiously for book three.

Matthew Quirk will be speaking and signing The Directive here at BookPeople Thursday, June 5 at 7pm. If you can’t make it but would like a signed copy, you can order a signed, personalized book via

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