Hard Word Book Club Calls In the Queenpin of Noir

song is you
On Wednesday, May 28th at 7PM The Hard Word Book Club takes a look at one of the early works from Megan Abbott, The Song Is You. Using the real missing persons case of Jean Spangler from 1949, Megan is able to take this material and create a great, atmospheric and character-driven piece of historical noir.

Our guide is Gil Hopkins, a studio PR and fixer in postwar LA. In efforts to save a comedy duo from bad press, it is Hopkins who may have obstructed the Spangler investigation, and perhaps prevented the case from being solved. Two years later, he has to confront this sin (and a few others) as he is forced to look for Spangler. The trail to the end involves movie star Kirk Douglas, gangster Mickey Cohen, and Hopkin’s own past in this superbly written tale.

We’re excited to have Megan calling in to our discussion. Join us at 7PM on our third floor, Wednesday May 28th. Copies of the book are 10% off to those who attend. You can find The Song Is You on our shelves at BookPeople or via bookpeople.com

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