MysteryPeople Review: THE 500 by Matthew Quirk

The 500
by Matthew Quirk

Matthew Quirk’s first novel, The 500, introduces character Mark Ford, a lawyer and former criminal. The book announces an author who has a keen understanding of how to craft a story and the role of lead character. We’re looking forward to welcoming Quirk, along with David Hansard, author of One Minute Gone, to the store on Thursday, June 5th at 7PM. Quirk will be here to discuss his second novel, The Directive.

It is important to know that our protagonist, Mark Ford, isn’t only a criminal, but comes from a family of them. His father is a con man and he has a thief for a brother. Mark may be looking for a straight life, but in landing a prize job at The Davis Group, a high powered consulting firm, it’s still pretty mercenary. In the firm, it is the goal of each employee to gain a client from “The 500”, one of the elite who rule Washington.

When Mark lands a chief justice for a client, it proves to be less of a boon than expected. He soon finds himself chased by gunmen, wanted for murder, and buried alive. It is all tied to a secret group who played a part in our country’s dark history. The two things Mark can count on to turn the table is his old criminal ways and his estranged father.

The 500 is an attention-getting debut. John Grisham fans will love it. It moves at a wonderful clip with a character who slowly reveals each card held to his chest. Quirk’s next book, The Directive will involve Marks brother and a daring heist. If it’s anything like The 500, it will be a dangerous as well as dysfunctional family reunion.

Matthew Quirk will be speaking and signing The Directive here at BookPeople this Thursday, June 5 at 7pm. If you can’t make it but would like a signed copy, you can order a signed, personalized book via

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