The May 11th Alibi: Noir At The Bar Roundup

Noir at the Bar w Ace 5.11.14(Order of appearance, left to right: Ace Atkins, George Wier, Jesse Sublett, Jim Wilsky, Scott Montgomery)

Our May 11th Austin Noir At The Bar was one of our best and biggest. Folks braved the storm warnings to come out and see Ace Atkins, Jesse Sublett, George Wier, and Jim Wilsky, who all provided enough thunder and lightning of their own to give the weather outside a run for its money.

After a couple of murder ballads from Jesse Sublett, Jim Wilsky got up for his first ever public reading. He explained that as a businessman, he’s spoken in front of thousands, “but this ain’t business.” Jim proved he was all business, delivering some of the hardest of the hard boiled, reading from his co-authored book, Blood On Blood.

Next, introducing George Wier, I tried something different- I said nice things about him. George reciprocated by giving us one of his best readings. His dead man in the middle of a bunch of east Texas bar denizens had everyone laughing.

Our headliner, Ace Atkins, who’s latest novel, Cheap Shot, continues the adventures of Robert B. Parker’s character, Spenser, was next. Reading from the first book from his own Quinn Colson series, The Ranger, Ace told us that he had been aiming for the feel of a Johnny Cash ballad. The excerpt certainly proved that he had captured the spirit of the man in black.

As is tradition, Jesse wrapped everything up with a reading. He read a passage from Grave Digger Blues from the perspective of his musician character, The Blues Cat. He read with such a rich rhythm, you could almost hear the cool bass playing in the background.

If you missed out or can’t wait for the next one, you’re in luck. We’ll be doing another Noir At The Bar on July 7th with Tim O’Mara, Dan O’Shea, and other authors to be named later. Ace will also be back on July 28th, signing and discussing his latest Quinn Colson novel, The Forsaken. Because when it comes to Noir At The Bar, the party never ends.

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