Crime Fiction Friday: THE SEA OF GRASS by Jim Wilsky

crime scene

A week ago, we featured George Wier for Crime Fiction Friday. This week, we’re excited to bring you a story by Jim Wilsky, who will be joined by Ace Atkins, Jesse Sublette, and George for our Noir At the Bar on May 12Th, 7PM, at Opal Divine’s, 6031 South Congress.

Alongside Frank Zafiro, Jim is known for the excellent noir series featuring their femme fatale character, Ania. On his own, Jim has written several skillfully crafted stories like this one, and we’ve heard whispers that a full collection of short stories is on the way. This week’s story, Sea Of Grass, was first published in Rose & Thorn, where you can read the full version. Using Texas’ Llano Estacado as a setting, Wilsky delivers a haunting tale of past, present, and place.

“THE SEA OF GRASS” by Jim Wilsky

“’For as far as you can see, Tyler, and then twice that far again, son, this is the Llano Estacado. Barren, desolate, hot as Hades itself. It makes the moon look like Shangri-La. This part of West Texas and New Mexico, too, there ain’t nothin’, boy. I mean nothin’. Even old Coronado said there was no trees, no water. Hell, no rocks bigger around than a man’s fist, nothin’ growin’ higher than a boy’s knees. Said it was a sea of grass, he did…’”

Click here to read the full story.

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