The Look Out: THE KILL SWITCH by James Rollins

The Kill Switch by James Rollins & Grant Blackwood

In his Sigma Force novel, Bloodline, James Rollins introduced us to the side characters of Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his working dog, Kane. They proved to be a fun duo and Rollins had talked about bringing them back. With the help of Grant Blackwood, Rollins has given them their own story, The Kill Switch.

After a very suspenseful job (protecting a Russian millionaire) where Tucker and Kane hunt the hunter, they are contacted by Sigma Force to stay in the former Soviet Union for an undercover job. The mission involves smuggling a pharmaceutical magnate out of the country. If you’ve read any of Rollins’ books, you know this is the tip of the iceberg. Soon, we’re dealing with weird and dangerous science, a connection to the historic Boer War, a form of life that could be used as a bio-weapon and a search for what can counteract it – its kill switch.

We get plunged further and further into Rollins’ world. Tucker, Kane and their questionable allies are pursued by a Russian intelligence officer and his ruthless mercenary, have to fight African warlords, explore an underground fort, and dodge bullets, boulders, and several other deadly things. Blackwood gives a military edge to to Rollins’ pulp bravado, giving it a more realistic vibe.

Kane is the real star of this book. Fitted with a special Kevlar vest and equipped with gadgets worthy of a canine 007, he proves just as capable, sometimes more so, than the humans. Rollins and Blackwood make him a full character. He’s the comrade I’d want in a foxhole.

The Kill Switch is high adventure grounded with realism and grit. It has classic themes of trust, brotherhood, and man versus nature, modernized with two unique and capable heroes. I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship between Tucker and Kane.


The Kill Switch will be on our shelves May 13. You can pre-order a copy now.


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