Look Out for The Poor Boy’s Game by Dennis Tafoya
On Our Shelves April 29th

It’s been close to half a decade since Dennis Tafoya came out with a new book. His take on Philly area crime has the gritty pathos of a Springsteen song. The Poor Boy’s Game proves he hasn’t lost his rhythm.

The main character, Frannie Mullen has more than her share of demons. The main one is her father Patrick, a vicious union enforcer. Patrick escapes from prison and in his wake leaves a trail of dead bodies. Everyone is in danger, including Patrick’s pregnant girlfriend. It’s up to Frannie to confront him and protect those closest to her.

The story is a dysfunctional family tale disguised as a crime novel full of intense shoot-outs, grimy settings, and hard dialogue. Like a great cop film from The 70s, The Poor Boy’s Game is uncompromising entertainment.


The Poor Boy’s Game is available for pre-order online via

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