Crime Fiction Friday: UNDER THE BUS by Jim Wilsky

This week’s story comes from the crime fiction online zine, Shotgun Honey. It’s written by Jim Wilsky, co-author of a three book series: Blood on Blood, Queen of Diamonds and the most recent release, Closing the Circle.

Also, to note, Shotgun Honey is looking for submissions. They have served as a launching pad for great writers in the past few years. The biggest rule is that stories have a maximum of 700 words. You can find out more about their guidelines by clicking here.

“Under the Bus” by Jim Wilsky

“The car stopped and he was pulled out, landing on his knees. Yanked to his feet, he was pushed forward. They stopped. Two pounds on a door and it creaked open. The door slammed behind him and he heard a bolt being thrown.

Forward again. Another door opened.

“Steps.” The voice on his left shoulder grunted. Bender tripped immediately and began to fall forward. And down. Hands tied behind him, his face would be the first to hit wherever he ended up….”

Click here to finish the story.

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