Get to Know Bruce DeSilva

Bruce DeSilva is a bit hard to define as an author. His series is both classic and modern. He can be incredibly funny, then plunge you right into the brutal darkness. The two distinct things about him: he writes in the subgenre of journalistic hard-boiled mystery and he’s damn good at it.

DeSilva’s hero is Liam Mulligan, a newspaper reporter in Providence, Rhode Island. He’s low on money, flush in the bad luck department (especially when it comes to women), and packs a revolver when he needs to. He also has great quips, an old school sense of justice and an addiction to getting a good story. There’s strong forward momentum here carried by the dialogue, action, and reveals.

What keeps his series up to speed are the subjects DeSilva looks into. His debut, Rogue  Island, had Liam investigating arson tied to corrupt politicians and real estate investors. In Cliff Walk, the plot involves a discovered loop hole in Rhode Island law that makes certain kinds of prostitution legal. In a further twist, a Navy SEAL is murdered and is linked to the newly allowed brothels. Mulligan’s investigations keep him more than occupied, but DeSilva brings us back down into the grind while Mulligan’s newspaper struggles to stay alive.

Desilva’s latest, Providence Rag, is a bit of a departure. It has a darker tone from the outset and is told in third person with Mulligan racing against another reporter. In the past, Mulligan scoffed at Mason, the newspaper owner’s son, thinking him a joke. But, now he’s his hardest competition. Mulligan’s digging to find a serial killer while Mason is uncovering corruption within the Providence prisons that could set Mulligan’s accused man free.

There’s so much energy and excitement here. It’s further proof that DeSilva has a lot more stories to tell.


Bruce DeSilva will be at the store on Friday, Mar 28 at 7PM speaking & signing copies of Providence Rag (available on our shelves now). He’ll be joined in conversation with Tom Abrahams (Allegiance). Click here for more information & to pre-order your signed copy now.

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