MysteryPeople Review: STONE COLD by C. J. Box

Stone Cold by C. J. Box
Reviewed by Michael

When you  ride with Joe Pickett you’re in for adventure. If Nate Romanowski is along for the ride, it can take some interesting turns into the dark part of the woods.

In the fourteenth Pickett adventure, Joe sets out at the secret request of the governor to observe and report back what he can about a reclusive landowner, Wolfgang Templeton, who is suspected of  murder for hire. The local folks won’t say much about their wealthy neighbor except that he is doing good for their little part of Wyoming. Joe, not being one to “just observe,”  stirs things up and is soon on his own in deep snow and deep trouble.

While many fictional heroes could have handled this assignment, what makes Joe Pickett a rare creation is the bond with his family. Even when he is away from home his wife, Marybeth, and his girls, Sheridan, April & Lucy, are always part of the story. In this book, they are having adventures of their own. Sheridan is at college and suspects one of her fellow student of stealing guns. April has a new boyfriend with a dark past. And Lucy…has the lead in the school play.

Another of Joe’s unique traits is his friendship with Nate Romanowski.  Nate has his own personal code, which isn’t strictly legal. During Joe’s investigation,  he suspects his friend may be working with the mysterious Wolfgang Templeton.  While he respects Nate’s code, he cannot let them get away with murder.

Stone Cold is a great addition to C.J. Box’s series. Even if you haven’t read any other Pickett novel, you won’t have a problem picking this one up. Box writes characters & plots that are clear and well defined. You’ll care about Joe, his family and what happens to them. The sketches of people and places are detailed, not wordy.  If you like action and adventure, C.J. Box will deliver.


C. J. Box will be at BookPeople on Monday, March 17 at 7PM speaking & signing copies of Stone Cold. He’ll appear in conversation with author David Hansard (One Minute Gone). We are currently taking orders for signed, personalized copies of Stone Cold and One Minute Gone via our website, We ship all over the world. 


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