The True Story Behind Laura Lippman’s AFTER I’M GONE

Laura Lippman’s After I’m Gone is already a favorite of 2014. Fully realized, rich in character and theme, this is Lippman at the top of her game. What’s also interesting to note is that the story in After I’m Gone is inspired by a true missing person’s case. From The Baltimore Sun:

Another Marylander who took a walk into the shadows was Julius “The Lord” Salsbury, the one-time colorful Block nightclub owner and gambling figure who vanished 36 years ago.

Salsbury, who was awaiting the outcome of an appeal on a federal gambling conviction and facing a 15-year federal prison term, walked away from his home at 2912 W. Strathmore Ave. in Northwest Baltimore on a warm summer’s evening.

Thirty-six years have passed since Aug. 13, 1970, when Susan Salsbury saw her husband for the last time….

You can read the Sun’s full story here.


We were happy to host Laura Lippman here at the store last week. We have plenty of signed copies of After I’m Gone available for those interested. Pick one up at BookPeople or via our website, We ship all over the world. 


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