Blackberry Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke
Reviewed by Michael

For the 17th installment of the Hannah Swenson Mysteries with Recipes series author Joanna Fluke serves up a mystery with a unique twist in Blackberry Pie Murder: the main character is the killer.

While driving through a violent rainstorm on the back roads of small town Lake Eden, Minnesota, Hannah hits a man with her delivery van. The mystery is not who-dun-it but, instead, who’d-it-get-dun-to. The victim is a stranger with a diamond in his tooth and Hannah is determined to find out who he is and why he was wandering around in the rain. And, is that dark stain on his shirt blackberry pie …or blood?

In addition to solving crimes and running the local bakery, Hannah and her sisters are helping plan their mother’s upcoming wedding. This seems even more difficult than solving the mystery because her mother changes her mind at least once a day.

The term “cozy mystery” is the perfect description of this book. The atmosphere is never dark. The goodness of the characters is clearly drawn. Even though this is my first visit to Eden Lake, I felt quite at home with Hannah and her family. There were many things happening with family and friends that were not part of the mystery. But, I’m sure fans of this series felt right at home in this atmosphere. Especially entertaining is Hannah’s romantic indecision between her two suitors: the local dentist & the sheriff’s deputy.

And, let’s not forget the recipes. There are, I think, twenty-five recipes for cookies, pies and other baked goodies put in between the chapters. They all sound delicious.


Joanne Fluke will be at the store on Tuesday, Mar 4 at 7PM speaking & signing Blackberry Pie Murder. Click here for more information & to pre-order your signed copy.


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