Crime Fiction Friday: MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD by Joe Canzano


Akashic Books has a great weekly short story post: Mondays are Murder. Every Monday, they publish a story with a 750 word limit that features a particular town. Recently they gave us this tale by Joe Canzano set in MysteryPeople’s home: Austin, Texas.

“Music Capitol of the World” by Joe Canzano

“So Johnny Fizz was dead and now it was my problem.

Not because I was some hotshot Austin cop working the 6th Street district, wrestling with drunken punks the way Stevie Ray had wrestled with that fire-breathing Strat. No, it was my problem because I’d played in a band with Johnny for years, and I knew at least a hundred people who wanted to see him with his head blown off.

But there was one person who wanted his head more blown off than the rest, and she was my first stop….”

Read the full story by following this link.

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