Terry Shames’s debut novel, A Killing At Cotton Hill, was our pick of the month in August of 2013. Now her retired Texas Chief Of Police Samuel Craddock has returned in her second novel, The Last Death Of Jack Harbin. This is a poignant mystery with Samuel looking into the murder of a wounded Iraqi vet.

We recently reviewed the book, praising it, and we aren’t the only ones:

Lesa’ Book Critiques – “If you watched or read Friday Night Lights, you might want to check out The Last Death of Jack Harbin. Fans of Craig Johnson or Steven Havill’s Posadas County mysteries might want to check it out. Or, you might just want to check out Shames’ Samuel Craddock mysteries if you want a complex, riveting story dealing with contemporary issues.”

Terry Ambrose – “The characters in The Last Death of Jack Harbin are as diverse as they are realistic. The small town atmosphere rings true throughout the novel, including in the dialogue and descriptions. From the opening scene in a feed store, the reader is immersed in a world of small-town politics, rivalries, and actions.”

The Toranto Star – “Craddock emerged in his detecting role a year ago in Terry Shames’s first crime novel, A Killing at Cotton Hill, and with the new book, Shames clinches Cradock’s status as the most engaging new American sleuth in crime fiction.”


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