3 Picks for January

The Wrong Quarry by Max Allan Collins

Collins’ hard-as-nails hitman returns, now hiring himself out to targets to take care of the hired assassin gunning for them. This time, though, he starts to think his new client deserves to have a price on his head. Macho paperback fun.

The Last Death Of Jack Harbin by Terry Shames

Former chief of police Samual Craddock is once again pulled out of retirement to look into the murder of a disabled war vet. A nuanced and poignant mystery. Terry Shames will be here at BookPeople to speak about & sign her new book on January 27th.

The Purity Of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen

The latest Department Q case has detective Morck looking into his own dark history. With it’s entertaining banter and nail biting suspense, Adler-Olsen is quickly becoming MysteryPeople’s most popular Scandinavian author.


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