Three Books for Fans of Stieg Larsson

Everyone in your life is a Stieg Larsson fan and they all want a new book for Christmas. What do you do??? Get ’em one of these:

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens 

The Informationist is the first of three books featuring Vanessa Michael Munroe. Munroe’s job is as an informationist, a combination Mercenary, corporate spy, PI, and bad ass librarian. She is able to get all the information on anything or place – if you can afford her. It’s a gig that can take her anywhere, to do anything, and  in The Informationist she goes to Equatorial Guinea in Africa to locate a missing woman and confront a past she has little memory of. Stevens delivers the cool yet intense precision of a heist novel when you watch Munroe work. (The following books in the series are The Inoccent The Doll.)

Zulu by Caryl Ferey

Caryl Ferey is an author who deserves more attention. A French author, he writes dark, violent books about colonized countries and their colonists’ relationships with the native population. The hero of Zulu hero is Ali Neuman, the head of a Capetown police unit of Zulu decent. He’s looking into the murder of two white women with his tribe’s markings on them. The story goes from pitch dark police procedure to political thriller in this novel you just can’t shake.

White Ginger by Thatcher Robinson

White Ginger is an exciting and tough tale told with pulp fun on a human scale. Bai-Jung is the daughter of a prominent member of the Chinatown triads in San Fransisco. When she’s hired to find a missing girl, the trail leads to white slavery and war among the triad. White Ginger has the feints, weaves, and impact of a martial artist. The pace is strong, the action is well crafted, and there’s a good dose of humor throughout.

Print this list and bring it down to BookPeople where we’ll be happy to pull the titles from our shelves for you. Our volunteers will be happy to gift wrap! (Or grab them via

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