Noir at the Bar Celebrates MysteryPeople’s 3rd Anniversary

Our last Noir At The Bar for 2013 will also celebrate the third anniversary of MysteryPeople. It’s been a fun year and we’re going out with three authors who are a great example of the talent we’ve brought out in the past.

MysteryPeople has been dealing with Jon Basoff for sometime, but mainly in his role as publisher. His NewPulp Press has given us books like Hell On Church Street, Bad JuJu, and Frank Sinatra In A Blender. His second book, Corrosion, has received accolades from book bloggers, drawing comparisons to Jim Thompson and William Faulkner. It is a bleak, sweaty, rural noir with a scarred veteran, hooker, and preacher on a collision course for violence on one doark night.

Anonymous-9’s Hard Bite found it’s way onto many, many best of 2012 lists, even though it was only available to download. Newpulp has put it in print and we’re happy to Introduce Anynmous-9 to Austin readers. Praise for this tale of a paraplegic going up against the Mexican Mafia to save his kidnapped nurse with only a hooker and his trained monkey for help spread like wildfire.

pale horses

We love to promote our local authors like Nate Southard ). Nate’s book Pale Horses has two protagonists: a small town sheriff dealing with Alzheimer’s and a murder, and the damaged vet who may have committed it. Nate has earned a lot of praise in the horror world and it looks like the same is going to happen with him in crime fiction.

Join us this Thursday, November 7th at 7pm at Opal Divine’s on 3601 South Congress. Have a drink, hear from some bad ass authors, buy some of their bad ass books, and help close out a great year at MysteryPeople. See you there.

3 thoughts on “Noir at the Bar Celebrates MysteryPeople’s 3rd Anniversary

  1. jassy mackenzie is a South African writer. I have read her first three books beginning with “Random Violence.” Mr. Southard;s book is “The Pale Man.” Some of the best noir writers today are South African. Deon Meyer, Roger Smith, Malla Nunn, Jassy Mackenzie and Mike Nicol. Mike Nicol’s Capetown trilogy is superb but you have to buy it from or The Book Depository. Regards from a New Yorker with fond memories of Goodfellow AFB and the people of San Angelo. I learned of your web site from The Rap Sheet.

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