History of Mystery Discusses RED DRAGON

Our History Of Mystery Class moves into the ’80s with an author who would change the thriller forever, Thomas Harris. His second novel, Red Dragon, practically created a sub genre. It also gave us two characters who redefined the protagonist and antagonist in crime fiction, Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

Heavily researched, Red Dragon took on the procedural mystery, leaning heavily on forensics and the art of profiling. Our hero, Will Graham, is a retired FBI agent who is brought back into service to track down a killer striking families across the U.S. He is so good at getting into a murderer’s mind, he has the potential to have a psychotic break. For help he must consult the killer who put him so close to the edge, Hannibal Lecter, one of the most sophisticated sociopaths. Lecter set the standard for the serial killer after his appearance in Red Dragon and its sequel, Silence Of The Lambs.

Our discussion of Red Dragon at 6PM, Sunday November 3rd will be preceded and followed by two screenings. At 4PM we will watch Manhunter, the first film to adapt Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann. After the discussion we’ll view the pilot episode of Hannibal. Copies of Red Dragon are ten percent off for those planning to attend.

Our next discussion on December 1st will be on Elmore Leonard and Out Of Sight.

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