Hard Word Book Club Goes Completey Dark with THE DISASSEMBLED MAN

The Hard Word Book Club is ending 2013 with possibly the darkest book we’ve ever discussed. The Disassembled Man by Nate Flexer (AKA New Pulp Press founder, Jon Basoff) is considered one of the roughest reads in neo-noir. Even the reviews that rave about it feel the need to give warning.

Frankie Avicious is a slaughterhouse employee with a checkered past, living in a small town that could be described as Norman Rockwell “…if Norman Rockwell had been an unemployed drug addict.” His boss is his father-in-law, his wife is a shrew, and his mistress is a stripper with a psycho boyfreind. She may have two psychos if you count Frankie, and you probably should.

We learn more about Frankie’s dark past after a mysterious salesman sets him on a path to a violent future. Frankie decides to get his step dad’s money, his stripper’s love, and get out of town. Can you even imagine a happy ending to this?

If you dare join us for the discussion on Wednesday, Oct 30th, 7pm, your copy of The Disassembled Man will be 10% off here at BookPeople. Jon (or Nate) will be calling in to explain himself. You can meet him in person November 7th when he performs at our next Noir At the Bar at Opal Divine’s, along with Anonymous 9, Nate Southard, and Jesse Sublett.

The Hard Word Book Club will be taking a break for the holidays, but use that time to read our January book, the epic noir The Twenty Year Death. It is a novel comprised of three books each written in the style of a different master of crime fiction.

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