WHITE GINGER Will Hit You Like a Ninja

Leave it to Seventh Street Press to come up with another original commercial thriller. Thatcher Robinson’s White Ginger is an exciting and tough tale told with pulp fun on a human scale. His Bai-Jiang is a great addition to crime fiction’s kick ass heroines.

Bai-Jung is the daughter of a prominent member of the Chinatown triads in San Fransisco. A single mother keeping as much distance from her family’s life as possible, she works as a “souxan” or people finder. Skilled with a knife, she’s backed up by her business partner, Lee, a suave gay man who shares her outsider status.

When Bai-Jiang is hired to find a missing girl, she finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for. The trail leads to white slavery and war amongst the triad. If that wasn’t enough, she has to go back to her daughter’s father, also a member of the triad, and ask for help finding the girl. You soon figure out that Bai-Jung is used to trouble, and it’s why she’s so good at getting others out of it.

White Ginger has the feints, weaves, and impact of a martial artist. The pace is strong, the action is well crafted, and there’s a good dose of humor throughout. I’m looking forward to Bai-Jiang’s next case. Fans of Sara Paretsky and Stieg Larsson should enjoy this promising debut novel by Thatcher Robinson.


Copies of White Ginger are available on our shelves and via bookpeople.com.

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