History of Mystery Discusses Sara Paretsky & INDEMNITY ONLY

Sunday, October 7th at 6PM our History Of Mystery class continues to look at the authors who made a mark on American crime fiction. This month, we discuss an author who helped level the playing field for women in detective fiction, Sara Paretsky.

Before Paretsky, the private eye scene was a boy’s club. Most of the writers were men and so were their characters. With her tough Chicago detectiv, VI Warshawski, Paretsky changed that forever. She proved you could interest women readers in the genre without alienating male fans. It’s been over thirty years since her debut, Indemnity Only, and both writer and character are still going strong.

We will be meeting at 6PM on the third floor. Copies of Indemnity Only are 10% off for those who attend the discussion. On November 3rd, we’ll be discussing Thomas Harris and Red Dragon.

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