Crime Fiction Friday: COWBOYS by Joe R. Lansdale

We can’t wait to have Joe Lansdale visit us again on Thursday, September 12th with his daughter, Kasey, who has edited the anthology Impossible Monsters. His latest, The Thicket, is his take on the western. Another Lansdale look at the genre is “Cowboys”, which he posted this week on his website The Orbit,  where he offers a free tale each week:

I got off the plane at Atlanta and caught the shuttle to what I thought was my hotel. But there was some kind of mix-up, and it wasn’t my hotel at all. They told me I could go out to the curb and catch this other shuttle and it would take me over to another hotel in their chain, and that it was a short walk from there to where I wanted to go. I thought that was okay, considering I had gotten on the wrong shuttle in the first place.

I sat outside the hotel on a bench and waited for the shuttle. It was October and kind of cool, but not really uncomfortable. The air felt damp.

I had a Western paperback and I got it out of my coat pocket and read a few pages. From time to time I looked up for the shuttle, then at my watch, then back at the paperback. It wasn’t a very good West­ern.

Read the rest of the story.


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