Crime Fiction Friday: CRAZY LARRY SMELLS BACON by Greg Bardsley


Greg Bardsley Is a master of stories that walk the border between the lives of seemingly ordinary people and the extraordinarily violent. He’s received acclaim for his debut novel Cash Out and well as this particular short story of his, “Crazy Larry Smells Bacon”:

“Honey,” my mom whispers, “Larry’s got a buck knife.”

Our neighbor Larry lives across the street. On weekends, he tends to his cactus garden in flip-flops and a skin-colored Speedo. And coco butter – lots of coco butter.

My mom squints through our sheer curtains.

“Honey,” she whispers harder. “Larry’s lost his mind.”

My dad flips through the Chronicle, bifocals on the tip his nose. When it comes to Larry, my dad has heard it all, except for maybe the buck knife.

Larry is heaving the buck knife into his garage door. Every ten seconds or so, a loud thud echoes throughout the deserted neighborhood.

We watch Larry.

He does look good in the Speedo.

My mom sighs. “That poor lady.”

Read the rest of the story over on

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