History of Mystery Discussing WHEN THE SACRED GIN MILL CLOSES

Our free History Of Mystery Class looks at authors who put their mark on American crime fiction. This month, we look at one of the prolific and influential Lawrence Block. Block has been writing since the ’50s and is still going strong. He has written in many sub genres, innovating practically all of them, particularly with his unlicensed New York PI, Matthew Scudder.

Scudder is an ex-cop with a serious drinking problem who left under a dark cloud. His cases take him to some dark and seedy places in New York and in the human soul as he stumbles around a redemption he doesn’t even know he’s looking for. The books also serve as a look at Scudder and Block’s city for the last forty years.

When The Sacred Gin Mill Closes is considered one of the best in the series by both fans and fellow writers. It has three entwined mysteries and provides a definitive change in the series as Scudder confronts who he is. Its last line has stuck with many a reader.

We’re looking forward to having author Chris F. Holm, who’s own Collector series shows a Scudder influence, calling into our discussion. The class starts at 6PM on Sunday September 1st on BookPeople’s third floor. Copies of When The Sacred Ginmill Closes are 10% off to those planning to attend.

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