The Look Out: THE RETURN by Michael Gruber

Look Out for The Return by Michael Gruber
On Our Shelves September 3rd

Welcome to The Look Out, our new monthly feature that turns you on to a great piece of crime fiction coming down the road. Our first installment focuses on a unique book coming out September 3rd from one of the genre’s most respected authors.

In some ways The Return seems like a departure for Michael Gruber in both plot and subgenre. Known for dense, atmospheric thrillers drenched in literary attitude, here he gives us a more streamlined, hard boiled novel. What The Return proves is that Gruber’s voice can carry anything.

The main character, Marder, is a New York book editor who carries many secrets, one being a great amount of wealth. A medical diagnosis opens a darker secret he decides to confront and he grabs some guns, buys a camper and sets out for Mexico. Along for the ride is Skelly, his damaged and quite lethal buddy from Vietnam.

Gruber’s style and approach to the story holds it together and makes it different from your average revenge tale. He creates a strong air of violence and mystery. His characters slowly reveal themselves, creating suspense about who they are and making you care for them in a very deep way.

The Return is a one of a kind adventure by a one of a kind writer. Mark your calendars for September 3rd. (You can pre-order here.)

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