Our next History Of Mystery Class takes another look at James Crumley with his first private eye novel, The Wrong Case. It features his ne’er do well Montana detective, Milo Milodragovitch, who takes on the case of a missing grad student, mainly because he’s enamored with the red headed sister who hires him. Crumley subtlety parodies the genre as he embraces it fully.

The Wrong Case is a full-on seventies crime novel. It has the feel of Sam Pekinpah directing a Chandler tale, with a Hunter S.Thompson view of America. Crumley’s modern west is filled with barflies, sons of the pioneers, and hold out hippies. It is the last chance of American freedom a time is fading fast.

The discussion starts at 6PM, Sunday June 2nd on our 3rd floor. Copies of The Wrong Case are 10% off to those who attend. We’ll be taking a break in July, but will be back in August.

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