3 Picks from Chris

Helsinki Blood by James Thompson

The fourth installment of Thompson’s Inspector Kari Vaara series is here and it’s a real winner. After the brutal conclusion of Helsinki White Kari Vaara is left crippled and alone. His wife has run off to Miami, leaving Kari to care for their infant daughter. When a woman comes to him asking for help locating her Down syndrome daughter, Kari takes it as a chance for redemption. As he struggles to find the missing girl his past begins to catch up with him. Death threats and teargas grenades coming flying through his window, reminding him that the people he crossed are not so easily kept at bay.

The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance

Another gem from the good folks at New Pulp Press. Charlie Wesley has escaped from a mental institution and is hitchhiking his way south. He’s been talking to his brother, but his brother is dead. He makes his way to Memphis and meets Reverend Phineas, a man with dark urges and a darker agenda. Things get weird when Charlie gets sucked into the Reverend’s apocalyptic plan. The Bastard Hand is high-quality and tons of fun.

Luther: The Calling by Neil Cross

Fans of the BBC show Luther rejoice! The show’s creator has put pen to paper and written the origin story of one of televisions best new characters. In Luther: The Calling we get a stand-alone story that highlights Luther’s early days as a murder inspector. The novel hits all the right notes, and serves as a great companion for fans of the show as well as being a great story for those unfamiliar with the character. If you love the show, get this book. If you’ve never heard of the show, get this book.



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