MysteryPeople Presents: Archer Mayor

Paradise City by Archer Mayor

Post by Wil Barbour

How would you like to meet mystery writer Archer Mayor and get a cheap ticket to New England? Archer Mayor, the pen behind the Joe Gunther mysteries, will be signing his new book Paradise City here at BookPeople on Monday, March 5th at 7pm. If you’ve never read Mayor’s books, know that he’s from Vermont and his characters center around the vivid town of Brattleboro, VT. If you’re from Texas, you’re excused, for now, for not having experienced these great police procedural novels.

Mayor’s mysteries give the reader the real flavor of protagonist Joe Gunther, a Brattleboro police detective who rises through the ranks to lead the Vermont Bureau of Investigation, and a real sense of life in Vermont. I’ve never been to Chicago, but after so many Sara Paretskys and Jim Butchers, I feel I know the city. Mayor is like that, but for Vermont and the rest of New England. His research and style can transport you all over the region with very precise references to the very realistic settings for Gunther’s investigations. Adding to this sense of place is Mayor’s flair for writing a quirky and entertaining cast of supporting characters.

In Paradise City, Joe and his team investigate a string of burglaries throughout Vermont, while in Boston’s posh Beacon Hill, another break-in results in the murder of an elderly woman defending her home. Putting the pieces together makes for crime fighting entertainment and your ticket to New England and the world of Joe Gunther’s home turf.

As a further incentive to enter the world of Mayor’s Vermont, come join our 7% Solution Book Club on the same Monday the 5th as we discuss the 2008 Joe Gunther mystery The Catch, where a cop killing during a routine traffic stop on a dark stretch of rural Vermont highway sends Joe Gunther on the trail of drug runners that stretches from Canada to the Maine coast. And if the author just happens to arrive an hour early before his reading and signing… we just might get more insight and entertainment out of these superb mysteries.

-Wil Barbour, bookseller and law abiding former Vermont resident.

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