What Scott’s Reading

This week it looks like l’ve got something from the past, present, and future, all written by some of the best in the genre.

Dance Hall Of The Dead by Tony Hillerman

I am reading this for our History Of Mystery class, which is this Sunday (March 3rd), and am enthralled. Navajo tribal officer (and possibly one of the coolest literary cops ever) Joe Leaphorn takes on a case of two missing boys, one from the Zuni tribe and one from his own. His investigation gives us a tour through the Four Corners area with it’s hippies, scientists, and of course Indian tribes. Only his second book, Dance Hall Of The Dead proves that not only was Hillerman creator of the Native American mystery, but he was the master of it. I can’t wait to talk about this book with the class and call in guest, author and Hillerman’s friend, Margret Coel.

Dead Aim by Joe R Lansdale

This recently released limited edition novella, featuring Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard, is a hoot. The two get hired by a pretty woman to keep her violent ex away from her. Obviously for fans of the series, it’s not that simple. The Hap and Leonard takes are literary comfort food with a solid helping of humor and gunfire.

Onion Street by Reed Farrel Coleman (Coming In May)

Coleman visits his series character Moe Prager’s college years with a mystery that leads him to becoming a cop. He intertwines plot and emotion that are both involving, as well as delivers a meditation on youth, friendship, and the Sixties. This will be the second to last Moe Prager book, so I’m savoring every page.

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