3 Book Chris Can’t Wait to Read

Helsinki Blood by James Thompson (March)

The fourth installment in the already stellar Inspector Kari Vaara series from American-turned-Finn author James Thompson promises to deliver great things. In the latest novel Kari Vaara is still recovering from the events in Helsinki White when he is asked by an Estonian woman to find her Down syndrome stricken daughter. As Kari works his new case his past begins to haunt him, as old enemies return to settle unfinished business. I’m a huge fan of this series and I absolutely can’t wait to dive into Helsinki Blood.

You by Austin Grossman (March)

The sophomore novel from Austin Grossman is a mystery about video game creators. In You, Grossman tells the tale of a group of eccentric video game designers and their cutting edge studio, Black Arts Games. When a mysterious software glitch threatens to ruin the studio’s latest next-gen game, Russell must follow the clues that lead to the truth. Grossman’s first novel Soon I Will Be Invincible received a lot of critical acclaim, and the buzz is already starting to build behind You, which promises to be a fun thrill ride.

Angel Baby by Richard Lange (May)

Warren Ellis described Angel Baby as “A bone-crushing nightmare parable: bad people doing the wrong things for love,” which is more than enough to get my attention. Lange’s story is about Luz, a woman who is trying to escape her awful life and find the daughter she left behind years earlier. She’s taken all the money in her husband’s safe, the clothes on her back, and a Colt .45, but her brutish husband is a key player in a drug cartel and he’ll stop at nothing to keep Luz his perfect obedient wife. Angel Baby sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

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