‘Edge Of Dark Water’ by Joe R. Lansdale now in Paperback

Edge Of Dark Water by Joe R. Lansdale

Post by Scott
I’m excited to announce that my favorite Texas novel of 2012, Edge Of Dark Water by Joe R. Lansdale is out in paperback. This is one the finest books from a man who has already delivered some of the best in crime fiction and horror. If you haven’t read Joe’s work before, this is a great introduction.

The story is told through the eyes of Sue Ellen, a spirited teen growing up in Depression era Texas. When she finds the body of her best friend, Mary Lynn, tied to a sewing machine at the bottom of a marsh, she decides to take her ashes to Hollywood. With two other outcast teens and her laudanum-addicted mother, they take a trip down the Sabine in search of a town with a bus station. To fund the journey, they take money stolen during a bank robbery, putting a crooked lawman and his deranged henchman on their trail.

Edge Of Dark Water is one of the books Joe Lansdale was born to write. The episodic nature of a journey tale fits his loose narrative style. It has all the trademark humor, violence, and general weirdness you’d expect from him, as well as a very authentic voice. It’s great addition to his other coming of age tales like The Bottoms, A Fine Dark Line, and All The Earth, Thrown To The Sky.

My original review of Edge of Dark Water can be viewed here.

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