If You Liked Frank Sinatra in a Blender…

If you’ve been anywhere near the mystery section at BookPeople in the last month and a half chances are either Scott or myself (Chris)  have looked at you with big dopey grins and handed you a copy of Matthew McBride’s stellar debut novel Frank Sinatra in a Blender. If you took the bait and did literary somersaults like us then check out these other titles we are sure you’ll love!


Pike by Benjamin Whitmer
Brutality gets redefined in this firecracker of a novel. Benjamin Whitmer tells the tale of Douglas Pike, a retired hustler searching for the truth regarding his estranged daughter’s death; and now responsible for taking care of his granddaughter Wendy. Whitmer’s quick prose, snappy dialogue, and gruesome imagination transform a seemingly ordinary yarn into a blood-soaked tale of vengeance and redemption. Pike  is crazy, crazy good.

Blood Father by Peter Craig
John Link, a former Hell’s Angel turned home tattoo artist, reverts back to his old habits when his daughter Lydia witnesses a murder perpetrated by her scum-bag boyfriend. Now John is Lydia’s only hope as she runs from her boyfriend and his goons. Blood Father is Peter Craig at his best, and is a must-read for fans of hard-boiled crime.

Gun Machine by Warren Ellis
The latest novel from the twisted mind of Warren Ellis is a pitch-black take on the standard police procedural. John Tallow is a detective who’s lost his passion for the job, but when his partner is gunned down in a shoot-out Tallow stumbles across an apartment overflowing with guns. Tallow’s discovery sends him reeling when each gun turns out to be responsible for a previously unsolved murder. Along with a team of oddball Crime Scene Unit officers, Tallow must track down a killer who’s been stalking the streets of New York for over two decades. Gun Machine is one of 2013’s best thus far.

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