What Scott’s Reading This Week

This week I’m reading writers who have impressed me in the past.

Collusion by Stuart Neville

Reading Neville’s upcoming Ratlines made me want to read the work I hadn’t. A follow up to Ghosts Of Belfast, this thriller has a Belfast cop, Lennon, involved in a set of politically connected murders. The only person who can help him is Fagan, the former IRA soldier in love with his wife.

ash streetAsh Street by Lee Thomas

I fell in love with Lee’s work after reading his Hill Country-set thriller, The German. Ash Street deals with the ghosts of victims of two thrill killers haunting their families. Thomas’s skill with both style and characterization make this a horror novel strong on both mood and emotion.

Evil In All It’s Disguises by Hilary Davidson

After reading The Damage Done and  The Next One To Fall, I couldn’t wait to crack into this next book with travel writer in trouble Lily Moore. Davidson has a strong, accessible style and an engaging heroine who always pulls you in. Look for this book on shelves in March of next year.

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