Noir at the Bar Gets Possessed

Noir fiction and horror have a lot in common. Both delve into the darkest of themes and tones. In either genre a bleak ending is not only accepted, it’s practically expected. It’s no wonder they’ve bled into one another in several books and share a talent pool of authors. Their fans have steel nerves who don’t wear rose color glasses while they read. So, since our next Noir At The Bar is scheduled so close to Halloween, we found it fitting to make it horror themed.

Austin has a thriving horror scene and we’re tapping into the talent of two presses, Sinister Grin and Abattoir. Sinister Grin author Lee Thomas has become a major name in the genre. His last book, The German, a blend of serial killer story, historical fiction, and possible ghost story, proved to be a powerful socially aware read that earned him fans outside of horror. His latest, Ash Street deals with victims of a thrill kill couple who come back to life. We also have two other authors from Sinister Grin. Nate Southland took the question of why so many bands die in plane crashes and used it for his book, Down. Wrath James White’s Sacrifice deals with a homicide detective looking into voodoo murders.

Another up and coming horror press, Abbattoir was founded by Ed Kurtz. One of it’s latest releases is Bleed On Me by Shane McKenzie. The story concerns a slacker and a drug dealer who have to fight the undead next door. Horror great Ray Garton has said, “Shane McKenzie has the kind of imagination that should require a license to operate.”

Come out and join us on Thursday, October 25th at 7pm at Opal Divines, 700 6th Street, and introduce yourself to some of the darkest Austin has to offer. We will also have a reading and music by Noir At The Bar regular Jesse Sublett. Bring enough cash for books and booze and join us if you dare.

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