A Night with The Bookseller

It was an honor to host Mark Pryor last week for the launch of his debut novel, The Bookseller, and not just because he gave me a a signed copy of the book wrapped in official crime scene tape. Mark, an Austin ADA who was brought up in England, has kicked off what looks to be an engaging series in the vein of the Jack Reacher novels with his character Hugo Marston, the head of security for the American embassy in Paris.

Over eighty people showed up to the event, including famed author David Lindsey. When Pryor was searching for authors’ brains to pick about writing, Mr. Lindsey invited him out for coffee. (For all you Lindsey fans, he told me he’s at work on something new.)

Mark said he wouldn’t do a reading. “The character I created was a Texan and you don’t want to hear my British accent doing him, especially when he speaks French.”

He did volunteer to answer the question most writers hate – where does he get his ideas? His answer, with no irony, was “On vacation.”

He said The Bookseller came about from wandering through Parisian bookstalls. There were books of all kind, some worth nothing, some priceless. When the idea came to him of a book containing something hidden that a group of people were looking for, he and his wife searched the city for paper and pen. They spent over three hours in a cafe jotting down ideas.

The vacation paid off. The Bookseller a is fast paced adventure that uses plot, setting, and character to create one engaging tale. Mark will have another Hugo Marston book out by the summer. We look forward to having him here again.

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