Big News for Elmore Leonard

The Library of America will be printing a collection of Elmore Leonard’s early crime fiction. For someone who has influenced two generations in the genre as well as authors outside of it with his approach to plot, character, and dialogue, this is an honor well earned. Check out the complete Reader’s Almanac article HERE.

November 14 “The National Book Foundation will present its 2012 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to Elmore Leonard… Martin Amis will present the medal to Leonard, who is the twenty-fifth winner of the award that has previously gone to John Ashbery, Toni Morrison, John Updike, and Joan Didion.” Read the full article HERE.

A pilot is also in the works over at USA based off of one of Elmore’s short stories from When the Women Come Out to Dance. “The project centers on a Miami businessman who, contemplating a run for political office, tries to increase his chances of being elected by marrying a Colombian woman who is on the run from her troubled past. What starts as a marriage of convenience quickly escalates into much more as his new wife proves to be more resourceful at “fixing” any problem the corrupt South Miami political scene throws at her husband.” Read the full article HERE.


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