3 Books to Read in September

Luther: The Calling
by Neil Cross

The creator of one of the best cop shows in recent years (now showing on BBC America) gives us a prequel to his brilliant and damaged detective.


Cocktail Waitress
by James M. Cain

Our Friends at Hard Case Crime unearthed this lost book from the man many consider the father of noir fiction. Megan Abbott gave it a thorough review for Publisher’s Weekly, saying, “…The Cocktail Waitress still offers much of the addictive weirdness of vintage Cain: delirious coincidences, the hidden kinks of the middle class, and a prime example of what has always been one of Cain’s greatest talents: the turn-of-the-screw moment when we realize just how trapped our narrator has become.”

Cogan’s Trade
by George V. Higgins

The author who gave us The Friends Of Eddie Coyle also wrote this funny, gritty, at times violent tale of an enforcer who is brought in to set things “right” when a mob poker game is robbed. Read it before the film version, Killing Them Softly, comes out in October.

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