5 Books to Look For This Fall

Fall always shows promise of some of the year’s best books. While the stakes have been set high with a summer that included The Kings Of Cool, The Prophet, and Dare Me, I think these five books will deliver.

1. Blood Lance by Jeri Westerson

Westerson’s 14th century PI or “tracker”, Crispin Guest gets involved in behind the scenes intrigue in the sport of jousting. Jeri’s series has gotten to be a go-to for smart escapism.



2. Live By Night by Dennis Lehane

Lehane’s sort-of sequel to To The Given Day is set in prohibition-era Boston. The idea of a Dennis Lehane gangster novel is something I can’t wait to read.



3. Nearly Nowhere by Summer Brenner

Brenner threw readers for a loop with her pitch black tale, I-5. Her latest, a tight novel about an American expat in a Mexican village whose daughter goes missing after a violent confrontation, has me thinking this will be another strong offering from Switchblade Press.



4. Gun Church by Reed Farrel Coleman

One of the best crime fiction writers out there gives us a stand alone with an intriguing premise. A has-been crime novelist gets involved with a group that worships handguns. My co-worker Christy Popp has already read this and told me he keeps you emotionally involved to the final paragraph when he delivers the Final punch. We’re also honored to host Reed at our Noir At The Bar on November 13th.


5. Books To Die For edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke

Odd that the book I’m looking forward to the most is nonfiction. It contains over a hundred essays from some of the crime fiction writers around the world (some I already mentioned on the list) discussing one of their favorite novels. I believes the best way to learn about writers is when they are discussing other writers and pieces. With Megan Abbott talking about In a Lonely Place, Joe Lansdale writing about Chandler, and Jo Nesbo’s take on Pop. 1280, this should make for some fascinating reading.

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