3 Picks from Chris

“I know what YOU should read.”

~Post by Chris M.

1. Filthy Rich by Brian Azzarell

This little graphic mystery comes courtesy of Vertigo comics’ Vertigo Crime imprint and is filled to the brim with pulpy fun and hardboiled thrills. In Filthy Rich Azzarello harnesses his inner Spillane-expect plenty of sex, greed, and violence.



2. The Bar on the Seine by Georges Simenon

Simenon is undoubtedly one of the greatest mystery writers of all time and The Bar on the Seine is a fantastic starting point for the uninitiated. Read Simenon, and thank me later.



3. The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

With a new Harry Hole mystery due out in October, now is the perfect time to either revisit or jump on board Mr. Nesbo’s wild ride. The Redbreast is a perfectly paced thriller that will have Steig Larsson fans wondering why they wasted all that time on some girl with a lame tattoo.

2 thoughts on “3 Picks from Chris

  1. Have you read Henning Mankell? I just finished The Pyramid and Wallander sounds like the Nesbo character.

  2. Lori:
    I’ve read a handful of the Wallander books and really enjoyed them. They are definitely similar to Nesbo’s style, but different enough to stand on their own merits. Personally, I like Nesbo better, but maybe that’s just because Detective Harry Hole is a huge Joy Division fan?

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