Oprah Recommends….

I’m posting this here for Scott, who swears this article innocently found its way to his computer screen and he does NOT spend more than six hours a day looking at Oprah’s website (he has to save some time for Martha Stewart, after all). I KID, I KID.

Say what you will about Oprah Winfrey, she’s done a tremendous service to book lovers everywhere by encouraging many people to pick up a book and read. She recently posted a list of 9 Mysteries Every Thinking Woman Should Read. There are some good picks on there – Jasper Fforde, Jacqueline Winspear. Take a look.

One thought on “Oprah Recommends….

  1. For the record, I got put on her subscriber list when I was looking for her interview with Cormac McCarthy, you know that author who writes about men who kill a lot of other men. Guy cred still there.

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