Humor & Homicide: 5 Authors Who Mix It Up

With two of March’s visiting authors, Tim Dorsey and Deborah Coonts, being known for mixing homicide with humor, it seemed like an appropriate time to point out other authors whose characters are known for their laughs as much as their detection.

1. Rex Stout set the trend of bantering detectives with the eccentric genius Nero Wolfe and streetwise Archie Goodwin. Stout was a good friend of PG Wodehouse and many times feels like Jeeves and Wooster with a body.


2. Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Files introduced us to PI Isabelle “Izzy” Spellman and her dysfunctional family business. When they are not spying on strangers during a surveillance job, they spy on each other.



3. Bill Fitzhugh is a first rate satirist, whether skewering Nashville in Fender Benders or following bug exterminator Bob Dillon who’s mistaken for a freelance assassin. Always over the top and always hilarious.


4. Steve Brewer’s hapless PI, Bubba Mabry, was first hired by the actual Elvis-in-hiding in Lonely Street. His car thief stand alone, Boost, recalls Donald E Westlake at his best.



5. Craig Johnson’s Sheriff Walt Longmire series may not fit the category of comic crime novel, but many follow the put upon Wyoming lawman for his humor. The banter between Walt and his Cheyenne buddy, Henry Standing Bear, are worth the price of the book alone.

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