Book Review: ‘Pineapple Grenade’ by Tim Dorsey

Tim Dorsey is here to speak & sign 'Pineapple Grenade' Tues, 3/6 7p.

When it comes to comic crime novels, few stand out more than those written by Tim Dorsey and featuring his character Serge. Serge, a so-crazy-he’s-brilliant vigilante and trivia master, brings mayhem and murder to those who ruin his beloved Florida. He and his cannabis-consuming buddy Coleman ride a wave of Donald E. Westlake-style humor as they fight for truth, justice, and marijuana legalization. In his latest misadventure, Pineapple Grenade, Serge enters the world of espionage.

Along with becoming a pen pal to Sarah Palin, Serge has taken up being a spy, doing it as a hobby until someone hires him. With The Summit of The Americas taking place in Miami, the hobby leads him to a bed of intrigue. It involves the assassination plot of a South American leader, the CIA, carjackers, a Homeland Security head looking for a new color to frighten people, and a sexy spy who wants Serge. All revolve around our crazy hero, turning him into the sane one. Oh, and I almost forgot about the shark in the middle of the street.

Once again, Dorsey throws you in a hurricane of crooked politicians and businessman, criminals, murder, destruction, and laughs. The winds never stop blowing every satirical plot strand around until it forms a certain synchronized chaos. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Serge and Coleman perform a rap.

Tim Dorsey will be here at BookPeople to speak & sign Pineapple Grenade on Tuesday, March 6, 7p.

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