Bobby’s Top 10

Bobby McCue was the manager of LA’s Mystery Bookstore for over seven years. Know as “Dark Bobby” by many of us for his love of the bleakest noir and hardest of hard boiled, he has valuable opinions about the crime fiction field and is someone I consult with regularly. Recently he shared his Top 10 of 2011 on facebook, and has allowed us to share it here with you. With some of the overlaps on our list, you can tell he was (and still is) my mentor.

Bobby’s Top 10

1. The End of EverythingMegan Abbott

Transported me to a different time, gender, & situation – Brilliant!




2. Crimes in Southern IndianaFrank Bill

Excellent writing & thought provoking stories, much like Daniel Woodrell. If you liked Pike by Benjamin Whitmer in 2010, you will love this compilation.




3. The InformationistTaylor Stevens

Excellent writing…great character & story. If you are a Lee Child fan, this is a must read, as is Taylor’s second book, The Innocent.




4. Stolen Souls — Stuart Neville

Belfast – great writing, story, and characters. I loved Galya for her heart and resolve.




5. The Outlaw AlbumDaniel Woodrell

Because the stories and writing are awesome and thought provoking, as usual.




6. The Drop – Michael Connelly

The best procedural writer out there, from beginning to end.




7. Fun & Games – Duane Swierczynski

Over-the-top and thoroughly entertaining. Gave me a tour of parts of LA I didn’t know about.




8. You’re Next – Gregg Hurwitz

A well-crafted story and thriller.





9. The Sentry – Robert Crais

Enjoyable series and writing.





10. The Informant – Thomas Perry

I really love Tom’s writing style and storytelling. Plus, it’s The Butcher’s Boy!





Honorable Mention:

The Tiger’s Wife – Tea Obreht

This wasn’t the type of book I normally read, but I loved the folklore, the writing and the story.

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